Corporate / Events

Event Logistics, Planning and Service Delivery

Buslink was established by Fergus Farrell of Farrell Travel to create a superior coach and guide service to the tour agency of Ireland and also to help individuals groups to plan any up coming tours. We can provide all our existing and future clients with 5 star touring spec coaches, safe and knowledgable drivers/guides and an office support team to help with any requests or issue that you may have. We pride ourselves in helping to create a wonderful touring experience for your customers while they are in our professional hands.

Clients Testimonials

Buslink always strive to provide the best quality service possible
  • Drivers

    • Safe
    • Reliable
    • Knowledgeable
    • Friendly
    • Certified
  • Vehicles

    • Modern
    • Safe
    • Licensed
    • Extra Leg Room
    • Large Luggage Space
  • Corporate

    • Catering 10-500 passengers
    • Conferencing Shuttling Service
    • Airport Transfers
    • Dedicated Logistics Team

    • Events

    • Catering 2 - 500 passengers
    • Logistics Management
    • Bus/Coach Transfers
  • Clients

    • Platinum Travel
    • The Clayton Hotel
    • Marathon Travel